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Organize your knowledge in flashcards placing the subjects in the front and the questions in the back.



Gather several flashcards to create a notebook and reuse them in several notebooks.


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Test your knowledge with questions from the flashcards and find out what you need to study better.



Create groups for your class, your courses or study groups and save your notebooks for everyone to study there.


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Student blog

  • 14-06-2012

    Have you studied by any notebook?

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  • 23-05-2012

    Have you created a group yet?

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  • 02-05-2012

    Get to know the team that developed Student!

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  • 23-04-2012

    Try our app! Available for iPhone.

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  • 13-04-2012

    Show us what you know using Quiz Me Now!

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  • 21-03-2012

    Study less, learn better

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  • 21-03-2012

    The new Student is online!

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ALERT news

  • 16-05-2020

    ALERT launched an online tool that estimates time to full occupancy of ICU beds and ventilators with COVID-19 patients in each country: Pandemic Diary, 16 May 2020

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  • 11-05-2020

    ALERT reports on COVID-19 digital approaches in different countries: Abdelrahman Ibrahim, Pandemic Diary, 11 May 2020

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  • 07-05-2020


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  • 04-05-2020

    ALERT launched a tool for monitoring the governance of COVID-19 in different countries – checkout Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan: COVID-19 Pandemic Diary, 4 May 2020

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  • 18-04-2020

    ALERT’s COVID-19 Dashboard: COVID-19 Pandemic Diary, 18 April 2020

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  • 21-11-2019

    ALERT’s latest Environmental Statement

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  • 21-10-2019

    Successful external audit at ALERT

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  • 17-09-2019

    ALERT at PalGes in Munich, Germany

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  • 07-06-2019

    ALERT® upgraded in the Algarve

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  • 18-02-2019

    ALERT successful at HIMSS 2019

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